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What To Expect When Working With An Interior Designer

Unsure of where to start when it comes to decorating your home? Are you tired of your current design and don’t know where to start with a refresh? Sounds like you could benefit from working with an interior decorator. These home professionals know exactly how to select pieces to bring a vision to life for a gorgeous interior that matches your personality and design style.

If you’re thinking about giving your home decor a makeover and are interested in working with an interior decorator or designer, here’s everything you need to know about the process and what to expect.

What Is an Interior Decorator?

Think of interior decorators as a personal stylist for your home. These professionals have the knowledge for bringing out the beauty in every home by carefully selecting pieces to bring a design vision to life. Between furniture, decor, color palettes, and flooring, interior decorators use these elements to tie a room together for a fully-designed concept.

Interior Decorator vs Interior Designer: Are they the same?

Are interior decorators the same as interior designers? While the titles might sound the same, there are a few differences between an interior decorator and interior designer. The biggest is their scope of work.

If you need help coming up with a stunning design concept for your home with accents, furniture, and finishes, an interior decorator is the professional to work with. These home pros work closely with their clients to choose the perfect hardware finishes, paint colors, furniture, decor accents, new light fixtures, and assist with creating a functional layout.

Interior designers can certainly help in these areas as well as designing any structural changes to a home that needs to be made. These professionals work closely with contractors or architects to design beautiful and functional layouts for remodels or new homes to make your space more useful and inviting. Most interior designers carry a bachelor’s degree or have prior experience to work on big projects.

Knowing what you’re trying to achieve in your home’s interior is crucial for selecting the right professional to help. If you’re wanting to knock down walls, open up your floor plan, or make your home’s layout more functional, then you need the assistance of an interior designer. If you’re wanting to update your interior’s aesthetics and refresh your furniture and accents, then an interior decorator is the better choice.

Need help with both? At Blake Interiors, we can do it all!

The Process of Working With an Interior Decorator

So, what’s it like working with an interior decorator? Here is our exact step-by-step process at Blake Interiors so you know what to expect when working with our team.


In your initial consultation, you’ll have the chance to discuss with Kelsey and her team what it is you’re looking for with your home design. From floor layouts to modern furniture accents, we’ll discuss your color palette, aesthetic preferences, and build a plan together to achieve the design of your dreams.

Design Concept Proposal

After our consultation, our team will review your notes and ideas to craft a proposal that includes design mockups of the vision we believe the projects breathes. This is not an exact replica of the final project or a full design – just a small taste to show you the direction we’re going for you to review and make any changes. This step is crucial for you and our team to nail down your vision and see if we’re a good fit before proceeding.

Design Proposal

If you like the concept proposal and want to move forward with Blake Interiors, we will now start on the actual design. Once Kelsey and her team have finalized their vision board and curated a full design, you will have a chance to review the proposal to make any final adjustments.


Once you’re satisfied with the design proposal and all changes have been made, it’s time to order your finishes! All selected items for your design will be ordered and processed before installing within your home.

Some projects may require the help of other contractors and home professionals, especially if we’re altering the layout of your home. If this is the case for your project, this step is where those design choices will take place before we install your furniture and new accent pieces.


After necessary renovations have been made, and all of our shipments for your project are in, Kelsey and her team will begin installing your items for a complete design. We will schedule a day (or a few) to place all furnishing and decor in your home before the final reveal – a true turnkey experience we know you’ll love!

Style With Blake Interiors Today!

Having a styled home that speaks to you and reflects your personality is key for having a home that feels like an oasis. Your home is a reflection of you, which means having the right pieces is a must for a look that’s truly tailored to who you are.

Does your home aesthetics need a makeover? Unhappy with your layout and want to make a few changes? Stop by Blake Interiors today. We specialize in modern decor and home furniture fit to elevate any home and match all styles along with layout design to make your space pretty and functional. You’ll love our carefully selected pieces, but if you’re stuck on how to place them in your home, we have designers ready to help you create the space of your dreams.

Our designers are here to help you any way they can. Whether you’re looking for a full home refresh or single room update, speak to one of our designers today to start your project.


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